Association Presidents attending NTLS
Pictured Above: The 2016 Association Presidents at NTLS

2021 Attendees

Educational Technology Editors

Crystalla Mouza Editor, CITE Journal
Kinshuk Editor, Smart Learning Environments
President, International Association of Smart Learning Environments
Natalie Milman Editor, CITE Journal, Current Practice
Helen Meyer Editor, CITE Journal, Science Education
Marie Heath Editor, CITE Journal, Social Studies
Michael Kennedy Editor, Journal of Special Education Technology
Daniel Krutka Editor, CITE Journal, Social Studies
Tristan Johnson Research Editor, Educational Technology, Research & Development
Denise Schmidt- Crawford Editor, Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education,
Past-President, Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE)
Glen Bull Founding Editor, CITE Journal
Mary Rice Editor, Journal of Online Learning Research

Educational Technology Associations Presidents

Elizabeth Langran President, Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE)
Gil Naizer Past-President, Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE)
Lynn Gangone President and CEO, American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE)
Richard Culatta CEO, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
Tara Kaczorowski President, Innovations in Special Education Technology (ISET), Council for Exceptional Children
Stephanie Gilmore Director of Engagement, International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA)
Xun Ge President, Association of Educational Communications & Technology (AECT)
Chad Rummel Executive Director, CEC

Teacher Educator Association Representatives

David Slykhuis Past President, SITE
Chair, NTLS
AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology
Gerald Knezek Past President, SITE
Jason Trumble Associate Chair, SITE Teacher Education Council
John Lee Chair Emeritus, SITE Teacher Education Council
Michael Searson Past President, SITE
Lisa Dieker AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology
Michael McVey Co-Chair, AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology
Rhonda Christensen Chair, SITE Consultative Council
Teresa Foulger Past-President, ISTE Teacher Education Network
Torrey Trust Past-President, ISTE Teacher Education Network
Gerald Ardito Assistant Chair, SITE Information Technology Council
Yi Jin Assistant Chair, SITE Teacher Education Council
Jeannie Carr AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology
Rachel Karchmer-Klein AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology
Jonathan Cohen Assistant Chair, SITE Consultative Council
Joseph South Chief Learning Officer, ISTE
Kathleen Howe Treasurer, Organization of Teacher Educators in Literacy
Jo Watts Make to Learn, UVA
Josh Ellis Co-Chair, Science Ed SIG, SITE
Mark Hofer Director, Studio for Teaching and Learning Innovation
Melanie Shoffner Past-President, ELATE
Rachel Gibson Music Technologist, Make to Learn, UVA
Stephanie Smith Budhai SITE NTLS Emerging Leader
Sumreen Asim Past-SITE NTLS Emerging Leader
Weade James Director of Development and Research, AACTE

Educational Agencies, Technology Centers, Corporate Partners

Bart Epstein CEO, Jefferson Education Exchange @ The University of Virginia
Bob Russell Program Director, NSF
Chris Rush Director of Educational Technology, US DOE
Blake West Senior Policy Analyst, NEA
Adrian Dorrington Senior Policy Analyst, NEA
Erin Mote Executive Director and Co-Founder, InnovateEDU
Karl Rectanus CEO and Co-Founder, LearnPlatform