Terry Markwart Award


In 2015, NTLS Partner and corporate visionary, Terry Markwart passed away. In his role as a senior leader at Canon, Terry collaborated on a number of NTLS projects designed to advance effective uses of technology in schools. The Terry Markwart educational leadership award was established to honor Terry’s memory.

The Terry Markwart Award for Corporate Leadership will recognize an individual who best exemplifies Terry’s vision and perspective in advancing effective use of technology in teaching and teacher education. The Markwart Award will recognize both the individual who receives it, and by extension the corporation or firm that provided an environment that allowed them to collaborate effectively with educators to bring about meaningful change.


2016 Awardee: Paul Reynolds and Peggy Healy Stearns

2017 Awardee: Roger Wagner

2018 Awardee: John Westrum

2019 Awardee: Tom Miller